Naturally Raised Meat

We offer Farm Raised Beef, Pork, Market Lamb and Market Goats for sale.  All our animals are raised as naturally as possible without the use of prophylactic antibiotics or hormonal implants.  If you have never purchased direct from the Farm before you will be impressed at the difference in the quality of the meat you end up with in your freezer.  We have clients who make a 10 hour round trip to pick up their meat every year.  Needless to say we are proud that the animals we raise produce such healthy and flavorful meat for your family.

We are presently taking deposits on Pork and Beef.  We will be butchering in Winter/Spring 2023.  These animals are raised on organic pasture. 

How the process works:

1.  We sell Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Chevon (goat) on a whole or half share basis. 

2.  To purchase a meat animal contact us:

Please note that we keep a list of clients to contact  when we know how many animals we will have for the year so be sure to call early in the year.

3.  We will put you down for the animal(s) you order and when we receive your $100 non-refundable deposit per animal ordered we will work out a payment schedule with you. This deposit is credited toward the purchase price.  We now accept credit cards through Paypal (with the buyer paying the Paypal fee).

4.  When the animals is grown and finished to the proper weight we’ll schedule the butcher and send you a final invoice.

5.  You then call the butcher and tell him how you want your meat cut and wrapped.

6.  When the meat is ready, you pick it up from the butcher and pay his processing fees.

What am I paying Solace Farm? 

The 2023 price per pound is based on hanging weight:

Beef is $5.95/lb

Pork is $5.95/ lb

Lamb is $9.95/lb 

Chevon is $9.95/lb

How do I know what the animal really weighs?

We calculate your purchase price based on our 30+ years of experience and verified by the hanging weight that is given to us by the Butcher on the day he visits the farm.  This allows an independent third party, so to speak, to verify your weight for you as well as prevents you from paying for the parts of the animals that you don’t eat – like head, hide etc..  This is also why we wait to send your final invoice with any necessary adjustment until the Butcher has picked up and weighed your animal. 

How much meat will I get?

Your actual yield in terms of packaged meat will depend on how you want your meat cut.  Generally you will have more pounds of meat if you request bone in cuts and organ meats and less if you want boneless cuts and no organ meats. 

Who Processes the Meat?

You choose a Butcher from a list of local USDA certified Custom Cutting Businesses.  I will set up the date with the Butcher of your choice.  It is your responsibility to follow up with the Butcher to give him cutting instructions and arrange payment of his fees as well as when you will need to pick up your packaged meat.

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