Vista – Solid Brown Ram Lamb – QR $350


Vista FBA#33065 is a delightful Solid Brown Ram Lamb with  gorgeous even fleece with lots of crimp.  He is QR genetically so will add Scraipie resistance to your flock as well as color and stature.  Vista is a twin

DOB: 3/28/22

1 in stock


Vista  is a Registered Finnsheep Ram Lamb (Twin) from a yearling ewe, Violet.  He has a lovely Caramel color to his nice even fleece and his Sire’s great confirmation.  With QR Scraipie resistant genetics he is a great choice to add color to your flock.

Brown Finn Top
Chocolate Brown Finnsheep Top
Lovely Brown Ram
Violet, Brown Ewe
Gray Farm Idaho







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