Snip Registered Finnsheep EWE QR $350


Snip FBA#31157 is a 2020 Ewe with QR Genetics and a lovely black fleece.  I am keeping her RR Daughter so Snip needs to move to another flock to make room.  She produced 3 lovely babies this year without aid and raised them to weaning on her own.  She will be a good addition to any flock especially to a Shepherd who is just starting out.

DOB: 08/11/20

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Snip is a lovely Ewe with a sweet nature and great Mothering abilities as well as a scrumptious fleece.  She carries recessive for Brown as her sire Monson FBA#26961 was one of my first brown rams.  Her Dam, Irene FBA# 24729, is now retired after producing many lovely lambs.

FBA#31157 Snip
Snip and her lamb, Quinn, are mirror images of each other.







I can put together a starter flock for you as well.  Questions? feel free to contact me:


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