Gador – RR Black Ram Lamb $500


Gador is a beautiful FBA Registered Ram with RR genetics to pass on Scraipie resistance to your lamb crop.  He has a lovely solid black even fleece with lots of crimp and  will stature to add to your flock with his deep confirmation.  Gador is a Quad.


1 in stock


I love even solid colored Fleeces like this one.

FBA#33070 Gador has RR genetics and carries the beautiful even fleece of his Dam, Gretta FBA#30982 and the deep build of his Sire, Ridion FBA#31164 who also gives him a recessive genetics for  Brown Fleece.

DOB: 4/6/22

Sire:  Ridion
Lovely Brown Ram
Gretta FBA#30982
White with Brown Recessive







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