It’s October – Let’s Cast-Off Chemo!

All year round our Pink Project helps raise funds for cancer research through the S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund.  Now that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to say a big THANK YOU to the many knitters and crocheters who have purchased Pink Project sets and accessories.  Together, since 2006, we have sent over $246,000 to the S. D. Ireland Cancer Research Lab at the University of Vermont, getting closer every day to replacing chemotherapy with highly targeted, gentle, and effective immunotherapy. 
Visit the Pink Project Collection for needles, hooks, and accessories that contribute, and check out the S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund website for more information on the groundbreaking research that your purchase will help fund. 

Denise2Go for Knitting, Sharp Short Tip Complete sets in Mirth and Fans include ten sizes of Sharp Short Tip needles, US 5/3.75mm-15/10mm.  Each purchase sends a $5 donation to the research lab.


Our original Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle Sets in Pink are now available in three colorways: Pastel, Gray, and Bright.  Sets include ten needle sizes, US 5/3.75mm-15/10mm.  Each purchase sends a $5 donation to the research lab.


The original Denise2Go Knit for a Cure, Bright Pink set includes the same contents as their hard-shelled counterparts above, but in a brilliant and compact cotton case.  Each purchase sends a $5 donation to the research lab.

Denise2Go for Crochet, Bright Pink sets include six hook sizes, US H8/5mm-M13/9mm.  This is a great set for travel!  Each purchase sends a $2 donation to the research lab.
If you’re new to Tunisian crochet or want to add an extra size or two to a collection, our Pink Tunisian Crochet Sets are a perfect option.  Each set includes one hook, two cords (5″ and 12″), two end buttons, and one extender.  Each purchase sends a $1 donation to the research lab.
Don’t forget the accessories!  Pink long cords are available in 24″, 30″, 40″, and 52″ lengths, with each purchase sending $1 to the lab.  Pink Companion Sets (1 each 9″, 12″, 14″, 16″, and 19″ cords plus 4 end buttons and 2 extenders) each send a $2 donation.  
Between the Stitches is a delightful CD of original solo piano music by Peter Krag, composed especially for relaxing stitching, with all proceeds going to breast cancer research.  Listen to some excerpts here.

Denise2Go for Knitting & Crochet, “MOSAIC”

Denise2Go for Knitting & Crochet, “Mosaic” is ideal for the Fiber Artist who uses both needles and hooks in their yarn-crafting.  Whether you both knit and do Tunisian crochet, use a hook to execute complex stitches in your knitting, or knit in the Portuguese style (hook in the stitch-making hand, needle in the other), this set is for you! 

Available in
bright, pastel, or gray versions – or as an empty case to fill with your own needles and hooks!

Bright Mosaic

Each set includes:

  • 10 needle pairs, US 5/3.75mm-15/10mm
  • 10 hooks, US F5/3.75mm-N15/10mm
  • 7 cords (3″, 9″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 19″, and 24″)

4 end buttons

Make A Drop Spindle

If you would like to learn how to spin, but buying a wheel just isn’t in your budget. Then here’s an easy and economical way to make you own drop spindle.

Go to a craft shop that sells wooden products and buy a wooden car wheel about 2-3 inches in diameter, this will be the whorl part of the spindle. The wheel has already been drilled with a hole in the exact center which will keep the spindle from wobbling when it spins.

Next you need to find a dowel rod that will fit snugly in the center hole of the wheel. This will be the shaft of your spindle. The dowel rods are 3 feet long when you purchase them. I cut my shaft at 9 or 12 inches, so 3 or 4 spindles can be made with one dowel rod.

After you have the dowel rod cut, push it into the center hole of your whorl (wheel) allowing about 1 to 1 1/2 inch to stick out the bottom. This is know as a low-whorl or bottom-whorl spindle.

Now, drill a small hole in the center of the shaft, in the end at the top. I use a 5/64″ drill bit. Purchase a 1/4″ cup hook and screw it into the top of the shaft. This acts as a “catch” for your yarn so that it doesn’t slip off the end while you are spinning. I usually sharpen the bottom end of the shaft to a dull point with a pencil sharpener so I can spin the spindle on a table top or in a small bowl like a top, if I want it supported.

You are now ready to add your “leader” yarn, to start your fiber on the spindle. You can use some home spun or store bought yarn around 12 to 14 inches in length. Tie this tightly to the shaft right above the whorl.

Next take the leader yarn over the side of the whorl, looped over the bottom inch that is sticking out, (this helps stabilize the yarn and balances the spin of the whorl) then back up over the side of the whorl and loop it onto the hook. Leave a couple of inches of yarn to start your fiber on.

Now you have an inexpensive tool to start learning to spin. Once you have mastered spinning on the spindle, learning to spin on the wheel will become much easier.

My Favorite Knitting Needle Set

Supporting the Pink Project is now a lot more colorful!

The original Pink Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle Kit is now available in three color versions.  Each set includes a $5 donation to cancer research through the S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund.  Read more about our Pink Project here.    
Three great choices in the original pink Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle case!  We’re pretty excited.    

Pink Knitting Kit “Brights” set

The new Pink Knitting Kit, Brights set sends fund to cancer research with a vibrant splash of color!   This set includes: Ten bright knitting needle sizes, US5/3.75mm to 15/10mm. Six turquoise cords: 5” 9” 12” 14” 16” 19” (13, 23, 30, 36, 41 and 48 cm). Four end buttons to turn any cord into a stitch holder or to use as an end cap for a straight, flexible needle. Two extenders for cord-to-cord connections. Hard-shelled case that holds everything perfectly in place!  

Pink Knitting Kit in Pastels

The Pink Knitting Kit in Pastels has a new look with spring green cords.  Same contents as its Bright counterpart and, of course, a $5 donation to the Pink Project!    

The Original Pink Knitting Kit

The original Pink Knitting Kit with gray needles is back with a new look!  Teal cords coordinate beautifully with the needles, and the neutrality of the light gray makes it easy to see complex patternwork.

Denise2Go Knitting Complete “Bright Pink” set

Prefer a Denise2Go style but still want to support the Pink Project?  Denise2Go Knitting, Complete “Bright Pink” sets have the same contents as our original hard-shelled knitting kits, but in a compact cotton case.    

Drnise2Go for knitting, Sharp Short Tip Complete “Fans”

The same contents again, but in Sharp Short Tips, our Denise2Go for Knitting, Sharp Short Tip Complete “Fans” set also sends a $5 donation to the Pink Project.    

The Crochet Collection also features multiple options that send a donation to the research lab.  These include our original Crochet Hook Kit, Pastel.  With all twelve hook sizes (F5/3.75mm-19/15mm) and seven cords, this is our most complete interchangeable hook set.        Denise2Go for Crochet, “Bright Pink” sets include 6 hook sizes (H8/5mm to M13/9mm), ideal for working Tunisian crochet projects in yarns from lace weight up to chunky weight, plus a $2 donation to cancer research.    

Don’t forget the accessories!  Companion Sets in Pink include six cord lengths (5″, 9″, 12″, 14″, 16″, and 19″) plus four end buttons and two extenders, and a $2 donation.

Companion Sets in Pink

Wishing you cozy solitude (if your pattern requires it) and joy in your yarn-crafting!

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