Summer Mornings on Solace Farm

Just thought I would share my morning …

…I am sitting in the warmth of the morning sun on my porch swing watching the dew drops glisten like stars on the vibrant green grass. A gentle breeze causes the verdant stalks to tremble every now and then as though shimmering in the ecstasy of birdsong that fills the air. It is these quiet moments that make the days glide by in spite of the hours of weeding and haying.

Life is good.

Small Garden
Small Gardens Produce Big Results


I need to make room for the new fleeces and yarns soooooooooo

lopi Bl
Hand painted Lopi BL Yarn

All Yarns are 1/2 off through

July 10,2022

Use coupon code YARN50 at check out.

NW Forest

Integrated Parasite Management Strategies for Sheep Producers

Webinar to Address Parasite Management   is the topic for the next American Sheep Industry Association-sponsored webinar. Dr. Andrew Weaver of North Carolina State University will lead the webinar on Tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern time.    “Parasites continue to be a significant challenge for sheep production across the country. The failure of dewormers to adequately treat parasite infections has resulted in the need for alternative parasite management strategies. Unfortunately, there is no single cure. Rather, an integrated approach is needed where multiple strategies are implemented for effective parasite control,” reads the webinar description.   “These strategies can include environment-based approaches as well as animal-based approaches. In this webinar, parasite biology and host-parasite interactions will be highlighted to provide context for parasite management. Discussion will follow on various parasite management strategies available and how they can be implemented in a sheep production system. A multifaceted approach to parasite management will be most successful in mitigating infection levels and improving sheep performance and well-being.”
Register for the Webinar

FLEX Double Point Needles are here!

FLEX Double Pointed Needles make small projects knitted in the round just that much easier.  

New!  FLEX Double Pointed Needles replace traditional double points with a more flexible approach to knitting small projects in the round.  Interchangeable with all Denise products, this set of 3 flexible double pointed needles functions in the same way as the standard 4 or 5 rigid double pointed needles but without the frequent needle changes.  Divide stitches evenly on two needles, then knit with the third.  

Set includes 3 FLEX Double Pointed Needles (DPNs), composed of Denise Sharp Short Tips and 3 inch (8 cm) cords.  FLEX Double Pointed Needles are 8.5 inches (22 cm) long for US 5/3.75mm-10/6mm and 9.5 inches (24 cm) long for US 10.5/6.5mm-15/10mm.  

For an even shorter DPN, add a set of Two-inch (5 cm) cords.  For a longer DPN, add a set of Five-inch (13 cm) cords!

FLEX Double Pointed Needles

 Get the full range of sizes in our Denise2Go FLEX Double Pointed Needles, US 5/3.75mm-15/10mm set!  Each set includes:

  • Ten sizes of FLEX Double Pointed Needles (DPNs), composed of Denise Sharp Short Tips and 3 inch (8 cm) cords:  US 5/3.75mm, 6/4mm, 7/4.5mm, 8/5mm, 9/5.5mm, 10/6mm, 10.5/6.5mm, 11/8mm, 13/9mm, and 15/10mm.
  • 3 two-inch (5 cm) cords to make an even shorter DPN set (7.5 inches, 19 cm)
  • 3 five-inch (13 cm) cords to make longer DPNs (10.5 inches, 27 cm)
  • 4 end buttons to make a stitch holder on any of the cords
Denise2Go set

We have gotten so many positive emails about using them and would love to hear your feedback if you have already tried them out! 

Thank you, N.C., for leaving this review:
“These Flex DPNs are the best I have ever had. Tried metal dpns and bamboo dpns. I am so in love with my Flex dpns, I would never go back to [the others] since I started using them. Plus they are light and easy to maneuver. My most favorite DPN ever!!”

Sheep & Goat Handling System

So after wrangling sheep for nearly 30 years with the skill of a good Border Collie and the muscle of my sons, I decided to invest in a Sheep handling system to make the process a little less labor intensive. 

I did lots of research and talked to many shepherds and finally picked the system for me.  I am so excited to have my new Lakeland SG100 arriving next week!!!  This system includes:

Qty 1 –  (Working Chute and Crowding Tub w/ anti back-up gate and guillotine gate)

Qty 1 –  (Deluxe Spin Trim Chute w/ tires and hitch)

Stay tuned to see how we set it up and use it here on Solace Farm.  My Pa always said to work smarter not harder.

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